Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 40, 41, & 42

Day 40, 41, & 42--> February 9th, 10th, & 11th.
I am so sorry for not posting. I have really been slacking off, and to be completly honest with all of you. Drinking 135 ounces of water a day, really consumes all my time. I at times have to really concentrate on what I have to do to drink all that water. Usually by the end of the night after I've had all that water throughout the day, I am really not thirsty for the rest of the evening. I might have a small glass, A SMALL GLASS of soda. Or a glass of wine with dinner, but really that's all I can take in. But...I am holding to my new word. I am drinking ALL my daily water for the day before I drink anything else. On Day 40 which was the 9th, all I had all day long to drink was water. I wasn't able to consume what I was suppose to. So, I just had water.
I really hope a lot of you aren't too disappointed in my decision to change up HTwoOnly. To give you a small update, I was talking with my wife on Day 41, and she confirmed that my attitude has greatly improved. She is real happy that I made the switch. So in the long run my decision to change up HTwoOnly, was for the best. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39

Day 39, 2/08: Well first off this is the third time I am posting Day 39. My computer is fucking with me today and I'm starting to get real frustrated.
Okay, So today I had all my water, and have I nothing else but water so far today. After I successfully post today's blog I will have some sangria that Misti made yesterday for the super bowl. I find it awesome that water is still all I drink. I have really trained my body to enjoy water. I have really come a long way. For those of you that know me, know that water has never been a part of my daily life. So, even though I am not doing just HTwoOnly, but rather I am doing HTwoOnly First. I have to be proud of how far I've come. Okay like I said I've literally done this same post three times now. So I'm done. Sorry it's short, but for those of you who have been where I'm at, when you have to do something over and over. I know you understand.
Okay, Love you all. Bye.

Day 37 & Day 38

Day 37 & Day 38, Oops! I haven't posted in a few days, my bad. I'm sorry. In my defense I had a very long and busy weekend with my wife Misti. So here's the break down.
Day 37 Saturday 6th. I was able to get away with only working a half day. In that half day at work I was able to drink 3/4 of my recommended daily in that half of day at work. I was rockin' the water that day. Here's why. I had a great day with my son after work. I took him to Red Robin for lunch. We went shopping everywhere so I could find a shirt for my evening plans. My son did so well at the stores, so I rewarded him with U-top It. That place is really the greatest place ever. My son and daughter love it. I also wanted to teach my son a little about being nice. So him and I gave a homeless man food and coffee from McDonalds. It made us both fell real good. I finished all my water for the day, all 135 ounces. Let me tell you it is getting easier and easier to drink that much water. Misti and I had plans to go out with some friends for the night. Our friend Heather had her birthday dinner at Logan's. You'll never guess what I had to drink, Diet Coke and Rum. All night. Yeah Wife and I had to taxi it home with Lindsay, due to all the drinking. And we didn't go to sleep until 6am. I would say we were felling it the next morning. If you could only imagine.
Day 38 Sunday 7th, So my day started early. Yes I went to bed at 6am and I got up at 9am. I actually wasn't that hungover. I think it's from all the water I drank that day, and before I went to bed for 3 hours I had a tall glass of water. Yeah, thanks to H2o I survived my first night of drinking in over a month. I know that doesn't sound like that big of a deal but really it is. I was able again to drink my daily recommended water for the day all before 2pm. Like I said before I really am getting good at that. I enjoyed the most wonderful bottle of Fuji water and a turkey sandwich from Barnes N' Noble, while I was also able to catch up with my friend from High School Becky. By the way Becky said to me that, she always felt that only drinking water was not good for someone person. She believe's that one needs juice and milk daily for on to stay healthy. Yeah, she told me all this at Barnes N' Noble that Super Bowl Sunday morning. I also heard this from other people in my life. I still don't know if I fully believe that to be true. What do all you think out there?
As for the rest of my day I watched the super bowl with good friends and family, I had a Rum and Coke. And more water. I still drink water pretty often. It has become a part of me. LOL. I like that I have a need for water more than I ever did before I started HTwoOnly. Oh, excuse me HTwoOnly FIRST (That's the new title of my blog in case you haven't noticed). I like that I crave water even though I a am drinking other things.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 36

Day 36, February 5th, 2010: Hello all well on this Friday, I had a better day then I have in the past few weeks. I had plenty of water for the day. And for that evening I had a very awesome night with my family. We went shopping, got new luggage, clothes and took our kids to play at Chuck E Cheese. We all went to Red Lobster for dinner, And with dinner I had two tall Rum and Diet Coke's. Let me tell you just how great it was. You know that most greatest feeling you get during the day when you either content, or just as comfortable as you can get. Yeah, That is how great my first, middle and last sip of Rum and Coke was. O M G ! Greatest thing ever.
Okay, so I got that out of my system.
Here's a bit of useless information for you about H2O: --> If someone were to drink a full gallon of water within a thirty minute period, That person would die. Ykes!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35

Day 35, Well I come to you today, with some news regarding the future of HTwoOnly. It has come to my attention that over the last 34 days I have become a bit of a bummer when I have been around people. My wife has mentioned this to me about 2 weeks ago and I heard from a friend of mine in Chico, that only drinking water has really messed with my ability to a happier person. In so many words I have become very "cranky." I was blaming work on my crankiness and mood over the last few weeks, but a lot of people have all said to me that the lack of caffeine is what they feel is the reason to my mood. I didn't just talk to a few people here and there. I talked to several people in my life who know me and are with me on a daily basis, friends and family from home and work. My wife put it to me like this, and I must say it makes a lot of sense; I have been drinking caffeine for about 25 years of my life, and for me to just stop "cold turkey" like I did, is like a drug addict stopping "cold turkey." My body needs caffeine. I also found that my lack of milk, and juice has really put my body out of wack as well. Yes, the reason why I started HTwoOnly was to get that crap out of my life and to go back to the basics of water, like the cavemen use to. But I am a old fashioned "family man." My wife, kids, family and friends are the most important thing to me. I put all of them first before I think of myself. I don't want those around me to not want to be around me because of a nasty mood. To put it another way, the people in my life are more important than HTwoOnly.
Now, I am not going to completely get rid of HTwoOnly. I am going to revise what I am doing. I want to take this moment to say something to my Sister In-Law Naomi, Yes. I owe you dinner, our bet is over and you won. I also want to thank her for the idea I have to revise my blog. I will require myself to drink my daily recommend amount of water per day. At this moment it is approximately 135 ounces of water. I WILL NOT allow myself to drink anything else in the day, UNTIL I have finished my 135 ounces (this number will change while I lose weight) water. This means no morning coffee, no energy drinks, soda, beer or rum, until my water is finished. I will continue to blog daily on my new journey. I want to thank everyone who read my blog and believed in me to go the distance. I appoligize for letting you all down. If you out there will continue listen to my daily rants and raves, I will post them. And for those of you who will no longer follow me, I understand.
So, within the next day or two I will revise my blog summary and need help from all of you for a NEW title. So, for those of you out there that will continue to stick with me on my journey, do you have any ideas for a snappy new title for my blog?
Post a comment and I will go from there. I also want to welcome any advise you have for my future with HTwoOnly.
Thank you all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34

Day 34, Well, well, well. Look who is posting his blog on time today. Yeah, that would be me. lol.
So I wanted to thank everyone, who supports my 5 day vacation in March for my big 10 year anniversary with my wife. By the way I have a small funny story to tell. Last night Misti and I were sitting watching T.V., she came and sat next to me with chocolate chip cookies and milk. Before she started eating, she says to me, "Are you okay with me buying the 1% milk rather than the 2%?" I gave her a stare like no other. I stared at her for like 30 straight seconds, she looked at me like I was crazy for looking at her like I was. I then said to her, "You ask me like I've been drinking it." She then says, "Oh My God, I'm so sorry. I can't believe I just asked you that." She then giggled for many, many minutes over the topic. I found it funny too. Funny how after 33 days, she asks me a question like that. She is the biggest Dork in the world, and I love her so much!
So today I drank hot water and lemon with my breakfast. The waitress looked at me kind of weird, like it was a joke at first. I get that a lot from people when I order hot water with lemon. It's like people don't get that some people out there don't want coffee or tea, they might just want water.
Well tomorrow is another lame day at work. I am so sick of work right now. With our big vacation ahead of me, the days will be going by very slow. Alright night all. Love You Guys!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33

Day 33, (Feb. 2, 2010)
So I had a football game today, and good news is we won. Bad news is I pulled a muscle in my hamstring so bad, I am scared to move. It feels like one huge cramp in my leg. I also pulled my groin muscle, and the inside of my thy's are aching soooo bad! I am so old, I envy those kids out there playing along with me and my team, and they sit back and just laugh at how brittle I and the other 30 year old fat guys are.
I had a good amount of water today at work, I also downed a ton of water when I got home. I was real thirsty. I need to make myself drink more when I have a game day. Before the game I jogged a mile to warm myself up. I miss running on a daily basis. I really need to focus on running daily. I feel good when I run.
Sorry I rambled a little there and I know it might not make sense, but I choose to leave it like that, so my blog stays real, and totally unscripted. Just so you all know out there who read my blog. I don't ever edit what I type. I type it once and then I post it. I do check for spelling errors, but that is the extent of it.
I was thinking the other day, how cool it would be at the end of this year, to try to publish my blog and make a book out of it. I don't even want to do it for money. I want to possibly do it just to have a book out there by me. I find that idea really awesome. I think deep down inside I like writing, but I just can never find the time to do so. I also have no education what so ever in the subject.
So anyways if you guys keep reading, I'll keep blogging.
I know that more and more water that I drink, it will help me with the possible cramping in my leg tonight. So I right now am going to have a hot glass of water with lemon.
Night all!